Cubicle Curtains

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Flame Retardance

We have a number of cubicle curtain fabric qualities, notably:

  • Cubric NFR (Non-Flame Retardant)

This is our basic quality which does not have any flame retardance qualities & comes with a very competitive price.

  • Cubric CFR (Chemical Flame Retardant)

This quality comes with chemically treated flame retardance, where flame retardant chemical is added to the fabric after production of fabric, and where the flame retardance is not permanent.

  • Cubric IFR (Inherent Flame Retardant)

This quality is made from yarns which are made with flame retardant chemicals added during the yarn production process, before the yarns are woven into the cubicle curtain fabrics, this inherent flame retardant quality is permanent.